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Sexual health articles are very important subjects for teens and adults coming from many different backgrounds and ages. People of every background need the proper instruction. In how to keep safe and free from harm with sex. It is important to have the proper advice in striving for this. If you want to maintain a strong and happy sex life.

The most accessible forms of education on this subject are usually from parents or guardians, as part of a school syllabus or in public programs. However this site can act as a very handy alternative to these routes of information. You can get a great amount of detail from this site on many different subtopics within this main topic.

In the site I will cover many issues. They will all be related to physical, emotional and psychological matters. The way in which they are all tied into overall well-being. I’ve split them up into main categories so it will be easier for you to sift through. The topics are as follows:

In safe sex education I will be discussing all of the methods that men and women can consider when needing protection. This should be of good use to you have just started a physical relationship. Maybe you are afraid of starting one because of the risk of STDs and birth control. These sexual health articles will provide you relevant information. To help you get a clear picture of what is best personally for you.


The articles in this I will be delving into is solitary sex, non-penetrative sex, barrier methods, safe sex limitations and ineffective safe sex methods.

Solitary sex will delve into how and why masturbation can be a good alternative to intercourse. A lot of pleasure can be gained by engaging in this and it is risk free. In non-penetrative sex I will cover non penetrative methods of stimulation. These mutual acts can prevent many diseases and impregnation to occur. At the same time a lot of the pleasure taken from usual intercourse can be enjoyed. In barrier methods I will be covering all the different methods of barriers that can be used. Barriers to prevent fluid and bacteria from each partner transferring to each other. These provide a great deal of protection and also peace of mind.

I will also cover the limitations to these methods and what things can hamper these methods of protection. Also as a warning I will cover methods that have been tried out by people that were ineffective. Ineffective safe sex methods in their effect or preventing STDs and impregnation.

sexual health articles

In intimacy types I will covering issues relating to the following areas. Physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, intellectual intimacy and experiential intimacy. I will also cover the history of all of these. These articles should provide a good amount of information for anyone. Perhaps you are in a relationship where one of these things are lacking. Perhaps you can’t get into a relationship because one of these areas of intimacy are hard for you. You should get a clearer picture on what they entail from these sexual health articles.

Many people have issues surrounding not being comfortable with intimacy. Be it because of nature or nurture. These things can be remedied and helped with trust and advice. It is only through true intimacy that a relationship can be most rewarding. Many issues can be resolved by merely talking through them and showing trust.

In physical intimacy I will be covering all of the different types of physical intimacy a couple share. Be it affectionate or sexual. This physical bond can provide an intense bond which can be very rewarding. In emotional intimacy I will go into detail about the emotional bond. The bond which is built up within an intimate relationship. This is done from sharing with each other and creating a trusting bond.

I will also cover the bond built up if there is an intellectual intimacy in a couple. Whether the couple bond in their beliefs, thoughts and IQ. Experiential intimacy deals with the intimacy shared by 2 parties in doing activities. Certain activities are where 2 people can make this type of bond.

In Healthy Living Lifestyle I will be covering topics relating to how to live the most advised lifestyle. This will equip you with the ability to maintain a strong sex life. Many people have issues with sex, be it physically and/or mentally. These topics will be able to help you find advice if you need it. Whether you want to repair your sex life or strengthen it. oie_v7o0zoC7qjXV

In these topics I will be covering the diet which is best for your peak condition. Also what things to avoid. This will also be covered similarly in what drinks to take and avoid. I will also cover how to keep your body in the best shape. If you want to keep a strong sex life you must keep your body in the best condition.

I will also cover show your social activities and interactions with society have a big impact as well. They shape your mental well-being which thus strengthens your sex life. I will also cover stress management. This will touch on how important it is to balance your stress levels. It is also vital to do this to influence your overall well-being.

You may be ignorant to which way is best to live your life in how to maintain a strong sex life. You may be suffering from a poor lifestyle physically, dietary and socially. These topics will help guide you in a better direction. To achieve the sex life you’d like to enjoy.

So I will pretty much be covering all the topics that matter the most under this grand banner. However if there are any topics I haven’t broached I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on a matter I should cover. You can find out how to contact me by referring to the contact page here. If you would like more details on the site please refer to my about page.

Thanks guys and hope you find the site very informative!

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